Hey dude! It's thirsty in the desert! Make me a cake!

Camel Cakes for Thirsty People

Welcome to Camel Cakes!

The home of Heaviley Baking Supplies

We supply cake mixes all over the world  and they are very special!

Our cake mixes are very special and are used by people in dry countries who may have trouble buying a couple of pints of cakes where they live!

Our cakes are delicious served cold.

Our cake mixes are only available to people who don't live in the UK- We will deliver to the UK but you must take them abroad afterwards

Xmas Closings

We're shut all the bank holidays and deliveries between Xmas and New Year will be a bit hit and miss

So, orders after Monday 21st  may not be delivered until after the New Year

We will try though...But  make sure some one is still there to take the order if it arrives late



Serving Suggestion

Just a small idea of how best to serve our delicious cakes when you've made them
Here at Camel Cakes we want you to enjoy our cake mix! Our Company Heaviley Baking Supplies have done their best to bring you the finest cake mix