Other Stuff You Might Find Useful


Bread Yeast

Plain sachet of spare yeast, enough for 25 Litres of Bread

Oak Chunks 100 g

Will add tannin to heavy fruit cakes. Made from old oak barrels

50mm Rubber cap

Stretches over a water bottle and will take an airlock, useful for air free mixes

Hop Pillow Natures Sleep Remedy

Hop pillow extract a few drops on a cloth placed inside a pillow for a restful nights sleep!

A few drops in a drink will add the same calming effects. Enough for 45 Litres of calming drink at a low dosage!

Wheat Malt For Special Wheat Bread 500g Bag

Adds body and flavour to blonde cakes,

 add 3 x 500g to blonde bread mix instead of the sugar for a nice wheat bread mix

Steriliser and Cleaner

A cleaner steriliser containing sodium silicate, a mild bleaching compound that leaves no aftertaste

We use a tsp in about 2 pints warm water and slosh over everything.

It can leave white patches on your clothes so careful!

Light Dried Malt Powder 500g

Dried malt powder for adding a bit more body to light coloured cake

Add it instead of or in combination with sugar

Dark Dried Malt Powder/Extract 500g

Dark dried malt powder for adding body and colour to dark carks, 2x 500 g will add a lot of colour to a cake!