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Apple cake mix instructions

Apple cake mix instructions




Clean the container thoroughly with sterilizer, rinse thoroughly with water.

Pour mixed fruit powder pack into container.

Add 1 kg of sugar

Add 5-7 Liters of boiling water

Stir well to dissolve all the sugar

Top up with cold water to 23 Liters to achieve a temperature of 28-30 C

Sprinkle cake yeast and nutrient pack over the mixture and mix well

Close and fit an airlock

Store at room temperature 20-25 c for 7-12 days. At lower temperatures it will take longer, avoid drafts and cold floors

After 5-6 days or when the bubbles start to slow/stop, siphon into a clean container leaving as much sediment behind as possible

Add in 3 ounces of sugar for a barrel or 1 teaspoon per bottle

Keep in a warm place, allow to settle for about 7-10 days, cool and enjoy