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Instructions Cake mixes with Citric Acid

Instructions Cake mixes with Citric Acid




In order to achieve good results it is important that all equipment are clean and sterilised. mark your fermenter at the 23 litre with a felt tip pen .

B. dissolve 3.5kgs of sugar in 6litres of warm water, mix thoroughly and allow to cool to 30C , then pour into the fermentation container. pour the fruit bag into the container.

C. pour sachet A  ( critic acid)into and mix.

D. Add water hot and cold mix to achieve a temp of 23C up to the 23l mark, and mix well . add pack both pack 1 & 2 (yeast) and mix

E. Fit airlock and maintain 23C – 25C, fermentation should start within 24 hours.

F During fermentation mix to release carbon dioxide

G stopping fermentation, dissolve sachet 3 into 0.2lt (1/3 pt)  lukewarm water and pour into fermenter, mix vigorously until all the bubblers are gone and leave for 24 hours, mix a few time to aid clearing and all the carbon is removed, the wine will not clear if all the carbon dioxide is not removed .

H after 24 hours add sachet 4 and mix vigorously and leave for 1 hour then add pack 5 and shake vigorously and leave for 1-2 days . then rack off into a clean container with a syphon .

if your wine kit has a pack fruit juice pack add now mix and bottle .