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Instructions for bread mixes

Instructions for bread mixes



Clean the container thoroughly with sterilizer, rinse thoroughly with water.

Pour mixed malt powder pack into container.

Add 1.4 kg of sugar for old english, amber and strong

For bitter add 1 kg

For blond add 1.2 kg


Add 5-7 Liters of boiling water

Stir well to dissolve all the sugar and the malt

Top up with cold water to 23 Liters to achieve a temperature of 28-30 C

Add flavor and colour pack, Sprinkle bread improver pack over the mixture, leave for 15 minutes and mix well

Close and fit an airlock

Store at room temperature 20-25 c for 5-7 days. At lower temperatures it will take longer, avoid drafts and cold floors

Siphon into a clean container leaving as much sediment behind as possible

Add 1 teaspoon of sugar per 500ml bottle or 3 ounces for a barrel

Keep in a warm place for a few more days,

when clear enjoy